Religion was and continues to be a driving force in the globalizing world. It impacts political, social and economic spheres as well as the ecology of our planet.

This website is dedicated to my historical research on the nexus between religion and international relations. It focuses in particular on my work on early modern international relations and religion, and on my current research on the history of global mission and on the historical relationshop between religion and climate change.

Older missionary maps marked the territories that were dominated by Protestants (the focus of most of my work) habitually in blue, hence the title of this website: 


Maps that show the spread of the gospel can be found in all shapes and sizes. Mere sketches made by the missionaries themselves, wall maps shown during lectures to raise money for the mission, world maps or maps that only highlight a particular area, simple maps […]
I have published a new book in cooperation with Gijs Rommelse on the Dutch Empire in a global perspective.
Exploring Early Modern Protestant Mission is a global conference by invitation only that will be organized by Utrecht University on 21 and 22 January 2021. It aims to bring together scholars working on early modern Protestant mission, exchange ideas and discuss future plans. Although modern missionary […]